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  • 執筆者の写真gendaireikinetwork_JP 現代レイキの会

September Koryukai

We had a total of 17 attendees at our monthly online Koryukai - seven practitioners from Japan, one from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Taiwan, UK, and USA. We had a free discussion on this subject - when do you feel you are out of resonance with Reiki? And how do you regain resonance? The Japanese master says that his stress and anxiety at work disappears when he practices Hatsurei Ho on his break time.

The American master says that she has learned to let go of things while practicing Light Breathing. The French master says that she has focused on her Tanden to center herself in this stressful time. The British master says that she was able to maintain her cool and found what to learn from her horrible experience when they got robbed. The Japanese master says that anger is a reflection of your inner self, and the only way to resolve your anger is to face yourself, improve your vibration, and consciously increase time to resonate with Reiki. We had such deep conversations today. I learned so much from you, and am so grateful. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!





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