The year 2020 Activities

June 21, Sunday, 2020

Monthly Online Koryukai

The second online Koryukai was held. It was a smaller group with five master members including one from Germany. Although it was geared towards the Japanese members with no time for English translations, the moderator was able to provide some translation. All masters were able to exchange opinions about specific topics.

■May 6, Sunday, 2020

GRN Online Koryukai

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an online Koryukai for the first time in place of physical Demo Session and Koryukai. 19 master members attended at our first online gathering.  It was such a special moment to meet with fellow members from all over Japan, which was a great advantage of utilizing an online meeting application. We will continue Online Koryukai every month.

■April 5, Sunday, through August 2, Sunday, 2020

Bi-monthly Free Reiki Demo Sessions and Small Koryukai at National Olympic Memorial Youth Center have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

February 2, Sunday, 2020

Bi-monthly Free Reiki Demo Sessions at National Olympic Memorial Youth Center

15 people attended at the first Free Demo Sessions of the year 2020. It seems that this meeting is getting more approachable for those who are new yet interested in Reiki. Continued effort is the key! 



January 5, Sunday, 2020

Bi-monthly Small Koryukai at National Olympic Memorial Youth Center

We had 12 attendees including a few newcomers in such a beautiful Sunday. We spent a meaningful time, sharing Reiki energy together.




In order for many people to realize that ”Reiki” is an effective natural remedy, it is also a technique suitable for lifelong learning that enhances the quality of life.
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